How to set up a Bitcoin Wallet.

Before we even set up a digital wallet, let's first answer the question....what is it? A digital wallet is a lot like a regular wallet. The one that sits in your back pocket or in your purse. If you are at a restaurant, retail shop or at the gas station, unless you just like to watch other people eat, shop, or get gas, you will eventually pull out your wallet and make a purchase. **1

The setup below is a little rough. We will circle back on this one and others and do our own demo and videos as our vision comes to life, but for now its all hands on deck. So this one as basic as it is does two things well: 1. It does a good job showing the basics needed to create the wallet. and 2. It depicts our recommended wallet 'Blockchain' this will be highlighted in our 'Trusted Partners' page on the website.

**1 I know I know. We all have that 'friend' that this never seems to effect. Let me tell you a little secret. That friend might not show it, but he/she is stressed out inside. So when your wealthy and happy to have one less friend, he/she will be in a studio apt with no windows suffering from IBD. So don't let it get to you!! ; )


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