There are many conflicting reports of opinion on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.  Most general looks up
are filled with these mistatatements of opinion.  And if the average person goes no further than an article or 
two of uninformed opinions to make judgement, more often than not, that person will walk away feeling that 
Bitcoin is not for them.  
Furhtermore because of this misinformation and lack of regulation, many of the advertisements or offers are 'scams' trying to separate the average person from their Bitcoin.  One bad experience by a person trying to wade through these murky waters can change their mind in a hurry.  So with this venture we want to change all of that.  
What we hope to do is not convince the public to believe in Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency as a whole.  We jusst want to provide facts backed up by ateast 2 references each.  In standard searches it is tough to get to the bare numbers that tell the real story.  So we will do it for you. Our goal is to provide the public with two critical services:

#1 No deceptive advertising allowed on site

Instead of accepting services of ill repute and leaaving the vetting to our vistors we plan to do this vetting for them.  So any company associated with PHLBitcoin during this beta phase  and going forward with future ventures will always make this our number one priority.  


#2 Provide the facts, in one place with proper references.  Let the visitor decide if this technology is for them.


Fact References

**1 - https://medium.com/@BambouClub/best-and-worst -performing-currencies-in-2015-d1e62088bc29#.aoqczy2jd

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