Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots is a crucial piece we need to really think about as an organization.  This is over the top stuff we are talking about.  It's very foreign to most people.  Opinions of Bitcoin and crypto-currency in geneeral are a mix between the ridiulous to the absurd to down right scary.  


Let's face it.  There are two sides on this.  No more.  No less.  The tech guys that conceived and their co-patriots who understand the technology behind it.  Most people never heard of the 'double spend' problem before Bitcoin.  And more importantly not many more people have heard about it in the 8 years since Bitcoin's inception.   8 years.  And the public for the most part is still in the dark on this  technology.  


So there are two sides:  Tech guys, business savvy gents and regular people like myself that either immediately saw something in this or did so later, but either way they saw something.  Something that made them, like myself, take valuable time that most people will simply not allocate to such a topic, and do the homework!  This is the minority.  


The otherside is everyone else on the planet.  I'd take a guess and say 90 % of the world's population does not know about Bitcoin, or has had their opinion on the subject totally ruined by someone who doesn't have a clue what they are talking about.  Those 'know it alls'.   Everyone knows about 10 of them.  Their desire to show you what they know irregardless of fact knows no bounds.  Just think about it.  What's a great career choice for someone to ponitificate on and on without having to pay any price  for being incorrect?  


And i will tell you this, if you are outside the tech community and didn't immediately see the power of what Satoshi Nakamoto dropped on us in 2008, then chances are you never made it over to the side of the few are slim and none.  And good ole slim is passed out in the alley and none's dead.   Their is more shady dealings and misinformation out there to sniff out most adventurers.  


But i made it.


All innovative ideas of the and shared by the few have been ridiculed and trashed by the many since the damn of time.  Think about what i just said.  So it really doesn't matter if the general public gets it, it's coming.  And there ain't nothing anyone can do about it.  






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