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It's been said that with every innovation, a new set of problems are introduced to the world.  Take the inter  You know the ones that you thought were stupid then but are soo obvious now.  Guy (Salesman) comes and knocks on a another guys door (Homeowner).  Man answers the door.  


Homeowner:  'Can i help you?' he asks the stranger.   

Salesman:  'No, but i can surely help you. You see  this here cable in my hand?  I'm gonna run these things into every home and business all across the US and you will only have to pay me $20 a month to do it.

Homeowner: 'And what magic will this 'cable'  provide that i would be willing to pay $20 a month for it?'

Salesman: 'TV!   I am going to bring you TV for $20 a month through this cable here!!!'

Homeowner: Promptly slams the door shut.





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Our 'Connecting the Dots' blog series are written by our team of experts and people who connected the dots on their own.
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 It's aimed at presenting 'Just the Facts' another initiative that does just that, present 100% search it on  your own if you don't believe it - FACTS.  It sifts through the opinions and uniformed statements that otherwise can muddle the message.
And finally why do all this and then create big questions by letting known sites of ill repute advertise on our site??  Makes no sense to us either.  So it's either legit or it don't fit and we must acquit...  Sorry got carried away there.  ; )  Simply no advertising dollars from anyone that doesn't represent the high standards we demand, so the 'Trusted Partners' initiative was born.
Don't worry, we know who our authors are.  There is just a little indecision for one of our authors.  That person is me!   Tom C.  The 'Avatar' initiative is a serious topic that needs special attention so please your input is WELCOME.

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