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If we are gonna write great content, and give it a fancy series name like 'Connect the Dots' then why not make it useful  going forward?  Why not make it useful in real life applications right now?


Hmmm...  That's a great idea!  Let's dive a little deeper on this shall we? Maybe we could create .... excuse me, uhm sir, can i ask what you are doing?  Take the mask off.  The 'dive deeper' is an overplayed business metaphor that will never be used on this site again.  I apologize.  So you can take off those flippers as well.   Tuck them under the desk and...  leave the speedo on please.  Thank you.   Alright where were we??  ; )


Yes the categories, so we will create categories as a series and build a knowledge base on top of it.  So to begin we chose an Intro Category to get people up to speed with origin of the movement, lingo, founding ideas, etc..  It is called Bitcoin 101 and any article in that space will be tagged so that anyone late to the game here can pull a matrix brain upload and become Bitcoin savvy and a Kung Fu master upon completion.   


Next is the What is... series (Content under development)


Followed by the always famous How to..  series (Content under development)


As in any great organization, not everyone is gonna see the Vision, so my Who be... series did not make the cut.  So i guess you won't get to answer gems like:

Who be the 'What's Happening' Cast member to ask the Doobie Brothers 'Which Doobie you be?  Sorry.  Maybe version 2.0.  The answer was Dee.  Raj's sister Dee.  Dee asks the famous question that has every millenial reading right now turning off their computers... ; )


As you can see, this doesn't have to be all business all the time.  





Bitcoin 101

 All you need to know about the basics of the crypto-currency movement.  Designed to give you the edge when debating doubters at cocktail parties or when you face off with that know it all cousin of yours Turkey Day 2016.  Let's do this!  ; )

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